Often, it’s not enough for businesses to rely on in-store advertising. Reaching out to current and potential customers through direct mail services can be highly beneficial. In order to create a successful campaign with professional product, companies need to invest wisely and partner with quality firms.

Whether a business wants to design catalogues or simple photos that can be turned into a postcard, laminating machines can help organizations stay ahead of the competition. Along with coil or spiral binding supplies, a business can make durable items that will withstand being sent through the mail and handled by multiple individuals.

Illinois company reaps benefits of direct mail services

John Romita, vice president of manufacturing for SG360, a Segerdahl company, is quick to underline the importance of the mail system for his business. In a recent press release for Gross International, Romita explained how partnering with that company has paid off huge dividends for SG360.

With a Goss Sunday 4000 web press that feeds a 75″-wide web into a custom in-line finishing system, SG360 is creating efficient and quality direct mail for its customers, Romita said in the release.

“The best bang for the buck in target marketing is in printed direct mail, and it will continue to be a very viable marketing channel in a world of multiple channels,” Romita said. “And for direct mail, our Sunday 4000 is unique. You would be hard pressed to find anyone running a 75″ web with an in-line finishing line that is as long and as versatile as what we have.”

Companies can continue add to such versatility and professional mail campaigns with wide format laminators, as these will be good additions to existing printing solutions. From there businesses can take printed documents and images to a new level for their customers.