After experiencing stratospheric growth, TobeDirect, one of the nation’s leading direct marketing firms has outgrown its current space and recently upgraded to a larger facility with more state-of-the-art equipment, according to a company press release.

John Tobe, company founder and CEO, said that 2011 was truly the breakout year for his business, as it grew by 87 percent.

“One of our reasons for this astounding growth was due to a major award from a Fortune 50 account for its direct mail postcard business,” Tobe said. “We were awarded a multiyear contract, which really boosts our requirement for production throughput and added capacity. We needed more space and more output capability, and that is what this facility is all about.”

Continuously underlined in this blog is the importance of quality equipment providing innovation for a company and pushing it forward. When using direct mail services, when a large amount of a printed product needs to be distributed at once, paper folding machines are a good investment. This will allow an organization to create numerous pamphlets that can be sent out to customers.

Another company that experienced positive growth recently, through new equipment that increased employee efficiency, was Alliance Creative Group.

The printing, packaging and marketing business saw a 30 percent increase in gross profits, from the last three months compared to the same time frame in 2011, according to a company statement.

In addition, Alliance’s revenues for the last three months totaled $2.83 million, compared with $2.54 million for that time last year, an increase of 12 percent.

A direct marketing campaign could benefit from quality binding supplies as it would be able to offer an organized and professional way to display information that is too vast for just a pamphlet.