With so many Americans carrying around smartphones, giving them the option to check email 24/7 and shoot out mass text messages to friends and family, the art of letter writing can easily be forgotten. However, one Atlanta radio show is determined to keep direct mail alive, and with the holiday season upon us, it decided to spread some Christmas cheer.

The Bert Show held it’s second annual “The Big Thank You” campaign, where it encourages listeners to write letters to the U.S. troops overseas. According to a company press release, the goal of Big Thank You is to put a holiday letter in the hand of every soldier – a goal which was accomplished this year.

Last year was just as successful, as the drive collected nearly 400,000 letters from individuals, children, businesses and community groups.

“The thrill of running to check the mailbox will not be going away anytime soon,” the press release said. “With the holidays upon us, it is the perfect time for organizations to use direct mail to reach out to consumers and form a connection. The Big Thank You campaign provides the perfect example of how moving the gesture of personalized mail can be.”

Businesses can also benefit from direct mail services

Even if a company is trying to advertise to customers, and not necessarily wish them happy holidays, personalized mail is a key tactic. This blog has previously discussed the positive effect that direct mail campaigns can have for an organization.

In order to provide consumers with the best possible representation of their business, companies should use professional lamination equipment to give their letters’ appearance an edge. Furthermore, if booklets need to be created, quality binding equipment and supplies will hold pages together in a secure fashion, ensuring that the product can handle the mailing system.