Even with businesses trying to stay sustainable in an increasingly digital age, this blog has underlined the need for print and physical material. The important thing is to invest in quality equipment that will create and manage products quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible.

For example, using one industrial paper shredder will be more beneficial for a company, rather than having several small shredders throughout an office. Additionally, with direct mail still a profitable way for businesses to channel marketing campaigns, paper folding machines will ensure a uniform fold on pamphlets. That way, customers will see that an organization values putting forth a professional advertisement.

Quality partnerships and devices can push businesses forward

One company that has taken the next step in putting forth well-made documents is Overnight Prints. According to a company press release, the online provider of business cards, postcards, brochures and other printed materials, invested in Fujifilm J Press 720 color inkjet presses.

The new device is designed to enable commercial printers to successfully compete in the short-run printing market segment.

“Overnight Prints’ customers demand the highest quality printing available online. They also choose us to get their products fast, using the most environmentally-friendly production methods, which is why we chose the new Fujifilm J Press 720 after a thorough and exhaustive review of the industry’s best solutions,” Brett Heap, founder of Overnight Prints, said in the press release.

Additionally, the machine increases efficiency and print quality. Production costs are kept low while there is a larger variety of documents that can be created.

When businesses take the time to stay innovative, even as technology evolves, they will ensure that they can stay competitive through several forms of media – including print.