Some of the most successful and memorable U.S. sports teams went down in history for having the perfect combination of personalities and abilities that brought championships and Olympic glory to the nation. When it comes to creating an effective workplace it’s important for individual personalities to mesh, but also for organizations to be fashioned with the proper equipment that can best let employees stay productive.

Something as simple as a quality commercial paper shredder, for example, could save an individual time in disposing of old documents, and also, ensure that pages containing important information does not fall into the wrong hands.

The combination needs to be perfect, whether in a business or on the sporting field. This year, a group of gymnasts known as “The Fab Five,” brought home the gold from the London Olympic Games. Their dynamic worked because the group was filled with athletes from varying backgrounds and had a plethora of skills, each different from the next.

One key factor is to rally employees around a shared vision. As a leader, ensure that company objectives are clearly presented, as well as the end goal for individual projects. Workers will be more likely to react positively, and perform well when they know what is expected of them.

Providing employees with the right tools will also encourage them to work towards overall company success. By investing in custom presentation binders, an organization will be giving its workers the opportunity to showcase their work in a polished and professional manner.

Whether an advertising campaign needs to be created or booklets designed for distribution at a corporate event, businesses will find that by creating a “Dream Team” with the proper equipment – as well as the right assortment of individuals – they will be more likely to move forward.