Two is better than one.

It’s a common phrase, often used in the business world, when people are told that “two heads are better than one.” The same is true, though, when it comes to separate companies. Often, a partnership or merger can help each organization find more success than when on their own.

Arandell Corp. and Schumann Printers – two printing companies – signed a joint venture marketing agreement to cross-sell their manufacturing platforms, according to an Arandell press release.

Schumann currently specializes in short-run capabilities and services, while Arandell’s expertise is in long-run printing. Both businesses are family-owned, located in Wisconsin, and said they hope to expand the range of services they offer to existing and new customers.

“By bringing together two very different, but complementary, manufacturing platforms, this partnership will enable each of our companies to extend the capabilities we offer our client base,” Don Treis, Arandell CEO, said in the release. “Arandell will gain access to a manufacturing platform that will make us very competitive, for the first time, in the short-run catalog and custom publication markets.”

Daniel Schumann, president of his company, added that Schumann Printers will be able to expand into new markets with Arandell’s long-run equipment – something that they would not have been able to do alone.

In much the same way, businesses can use quality equipment to help them stay ahead of the competition. For printing companies, especially, it’s necessary to find a way to keep the product unique in order to stay profitable in a digital age.

For example, using professional lamination equipment can help create sturdy pamphlets that can handle being sent through the mail. Either pouch or roll laminators can aid in this process, adding better quality to direct mail campaigns.