This blog previously mentioned Graphics of the Americas Expo (GOA), and how this year’s event is hoping to have a major impact on the printing industry. Taking place February 21 to 23 in Orlando, Florida, the event’s website says that it expects 9,800 printers, designers and creative professionals, with over 90 countries represented.

George Ryan, GOA President, said in a press release that the 38th year of the event is going to be a big one. The PrintMediaCentr is debuting this year, which will give attendees a chance to get right in the middle of print action and production.

The PrintMediaCentr lets individuals see, firsthand, the use of print-based marketing technology. Included in the demonstrations will be iPR, Augmented Reality, and QR Codes, according to the news source. There will also be multiple speakers and several different print samples are on display. The idea is to further inspire attendees by showing them the many possibilities in print and design.

“I am thrilled to be working with GOA to create this dynamic space, where the design, print and paper community can come together to learn from each other and network,” Deborah Corn, PrintMediaCentr principal, said in the press release. “Our goal is to inspire the attendees with amazing print and design samples, provide information on how to create amazing print, and of course have a little fun along the way!”

Companies that are trying to stay innovative and technologically savvy in the printing industry – while still valuing physical product – should consider attending the interactive GOA. Along with investing in professional devices like lamination equipment and binding supplies, a comprehensive education on the business will be greatly beneficial.