Partnerships can be greatly beneficial in the business world. Whether two companies decide to merge to form a larger, more powerful firm or if a multitude of firms band together to stay organized, the move can be a wise one.

That was the mindset behind several veteran print business owners who decided to band together and create their own national printing association. The National Print Owners Association (NOPA) has more than 120 members and is in the process of finalizing plans for its first national conference, according to a company press release.

“NPOA offers a viable alternative to those printers who are currently members of other trade associations, but are dissatisfied with the return on their investment,” NPOA executive director John Stewart said in the release. “This new association also seeks to attract many other printers who have chosen not to join any association because none have appeared, so far, to satisfy their needs.”

Stewart added that while their plans are ambitious, NPOA has low dues and will be extremely attractive to printing firms of all sizes.

The NPOA website explains that as the industry has developed, the boundaries and capabilities of print have also expanded. Because of this, business owners want to be able to continue to offer certain services to their customers, such as direct mail campaigns, sign-making and large-format services.

Taking the printed product one extra step

Once a company has taken the time to invest in creating physical pages and documents, ensuring that those products can stand the test of time is important. Using quality lamination equipment along with binding supplies will provide durability and an extra layer of professionalism that customers will appreciate.

Additionally, unique folders and custom presentation binders allow businesses to design polished organizational tools keep them ahead of the competition.