While Americans across the nation are most likely grateful that the slew of political television and radio advertisements will end, with President Barack Obama winning his re-election bid, the printing industry is bound to be slightly disappointed.

This blog previously reported on the importance of print – specifically the use of direct mail – during political campaigns. Organizations needed to ensure that a quality and durable product was created. As such, investing in a laminating machine created a quality flier or postcard for these campaigns.

Additionally, wide-format signage and specialty printing – like bumper stickers – also received a boost from the 2012 campaign. The Center for Responsive Politics estimated that $6 billion was spent this year for commercial printing on local, state and national elections across the U.S.

Russell Price, president of Maryland-based Mount Vernon Printing, which is part of Consolidated Graphics, explained to PrintWeek that his company does a lot of election year printing.

“We did everything from presidential all the way to down to local initiatives,” Price told the news source. “Here, in Maryland, we had ballot initiatives for casino gambling and gay marriage and we had work from local races. The volumes were bigger than 2010 because you had a presidential election as well as the congressional and other races. But it did in fact exceed 2008 as well.”

Furthermore, a representative from the United States Postal Service (USPS) told PrintWeek that the organization gained $337 million in political mail – not including election mail, such as ballots and registration forms – in 2010. As of last week, they added, the USPS is already $50 million higher than that amount.

Even though the presidential race is over, and many local elections are finished, enterprises that want a unique way to advertise to customers should consider using physical product. Quality equipment, like paper folding machines, will ensure that professional and uniform pieces are created, which will show customers that a company cares about their business.