According to the most recent of Bowker Market Research’s biannual study of “Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age,” 55 percent of buyers of books made for young adults – aged 12 to 17 – were over the age of 18.

Furthermore, 71 percent of respondents said that if an e-book of their desired title was unavailable, they would buy the print book instead.

Along similar lines of keeping customers happy and striving toward innovation is the Episcopal Journal choosing the company Evergreen to print its monthly news journal and quarterly magazines.

“It was only after careful consideration that we chose Evergreen as the best company to serve our needs,” Lawrence Moore, president of general manager of the Journal, said in a press release. “In addition to our national staff there are a number of independent regional editors across the country, so efficient and courteous customer service is very important to us, as well as print quality and cost.”

In order to keep customers loyal to the printed product – and not fully reliant on new and digital technologies – it’s crucial to offer something unique and innovative. This is best done by using quality machines that will create a professional and crisp final product.

For example, investing in wire or coil binding supplies, a business will ensure that customers receive a polished pamphlet or booklet that also solidly holds all of the papers together. This is an efficient, cost-effective and convenient addition that will put the end product above the competition.

Furthermore, custom presentation binders offer another professional way to present documents together. Everything can be held safely together until an organization or individual is ready to showcase the product to the public.