The normal trend in the last few weeks of summer is for pre-teens and teenagers to flock to department stores and stock up on the latest fall fashion trends for back-to-school shopping. Office Depot and Staples are overrun with kids looking for the coolest folders, pens and notebooks. This year, however, store owners are seeing a different turn of events – shoppers are holding off.

According to a New York Times article, students are waiting to see what their fellow schoolmates will be wearing and carrying in their backpacks. No one wants to be donning the wrong sneakers or even using out-of-style folders.

The National Retail Federation surveyed consumers with school-age children this month and found that less than 8 percent had completed their back-to-school shopping, the lowest figure in four years.

Liz Sweney, J. C. Penney’s chief merchant told the news source that while back-to-school shopping – buying during the months of August and September – has been tapering off for the last few years, this year the trend was more pronounced.

“A few weeks into school, a couple things happen,” Sweney said. “Weather happens – it gets cooler – and kids obviously see what their friends are wearing, particularly for teens, and then they go back to the stores.”

With students holding their fashion to a higher standard, it’s obviously important to them to remember their times in middle school and high school. As such, educators need to ensure they are investing in proper yearbook binding supplies, so that even years down the road, these students’ memories will be in good condition.

In addition, school laminators can assist in protecting everything from yearbook pages to simple photographs that students take on their own. Regardless of the medium, students, parents and teachers will want a way to protect their images and documents.