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Informational packets, presentation posters and other physical material can be a great way for businesses, schools and organizations to organize engaging training and educational initiatives. However, if left unprotected, these materials can become worn down with increased use and fall apart, requiring the creation of new presentation materials.

While binding equipment and supplies can help businesses create these new items with ease, it’s best to protect physical presentation materials by laminating them whenever possible. Encasing important , documents, menus, posters or signs between two layers of plastic ensures these materials are resistant to wear and hold up to repeated use.

Laminating machines offered by Presentation Solutions are cost-effective and efficient, providing organizations of any size the tools needed to protect important documents. Peruse our industry leading selection of heavy-duty laminating machines and easy-to-use roll laminators to find the item that works best for your needs.

Presentation Solutions offers the best school laminators on the market

Documents, posters and flyers can be great tools for education, promotions and announcements, but with the heavy traffic seen in today’s classrooms and school hallways, these items might not hold up to ongoing use. Lamination is an easy and affordable solution, and by picking from Presentation Solutions’ wide selection of school laminators, educators can find the right roll laminators for their institution.

The Ledco 25-inch Educator 110V Laminator is perfect for classroom use, as its preset features, adjustable heat controls and automated forced air cooling keeps offers quick and easy lamination. For even easier functionality, schools may want to consider the GBC Ultima 35 EZLoad 12-inch Roll Laminator, which offers reduced film-loading time protection against misloading.

For larger projects, including art or designs that require simultaneous mounting and laminating, we offer sophisticated machines from leading providers. The Ledco Signmaster 44″ 110V roll laminator can apply transfer tape and vinyl backing all while laminating, while the Dry Lam Al-Meister ALM3220 roll laminator automatically feeds, cuts, trims and stacks laminated documents without supervision, consuming the same amount of energy as a single coffee maker.

These are just some of the many roll laminators offered by Presentation Solutions, a leading provider of presentation supplies. By selecting any one of these products, your school can secure the equipment needed to protect valuable visual materials, student art and presentation posters.

Outfit your school or business with high-quality laminating equipment

Whichever laminating machine you choose, you will need to ensure that your business is outfitted with the right supplies and tools to complement this purchase. Presentation Solutions is your one-stop location for important laminating equipment and supplies, making it easy to outfit your school or business with all the required assets.

We offer laminating film in a variety of sizes at affordable prices, including wide-format film. We also have a wide selection of laminating pouches, which can protect items as small as credit cards and driver’s licenses to those as large as restaurant menus.

Whether a business needs an effective pouch laminator for easy in-office use or a printing company requires a sophisticated UV coater that is both powerful and economical, Presentation Solutions has the resources and expertise to offer the best products available.

Why Presentation Solutions is your premier partner for presentation supplies

Presentation Solutions is backed by years of printing industry experience and a certification to sell General Binding Corporation (GBC) products, offering our clients the most high-quality products on the market at prices that are both affordable and reasonable.

Our polite and professional staff can answer your most pressing printing concerns to ensure that you receive the laminating equipment and supplies that best fits your budget and needs. Contact Presentation Solutions today to learn how we can help your business maximize the impact of printed materials.

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