Akiles ProLam-Ultra


Product Description

Heavy-Duty 6 Roller Photo Laminator with Patented Cooling System
Laminates up to 14 mil
Air Cooling System: Patented internal cooling system makes the laminator cool to the touch while in use.
User Friendly Control Panel: Large LCD display with many features & memory settings make it a very easy-to-use laminator.
Auto Shutoff: Automatically cools and shuts down the machine after usage, to prolong the life of your laminator.
6 Roller System: 4 heated and 2 cold rollers create a professional, crystal-clear, and bubble-free laminating result.
Removeable Cover: Easy to remove cover allows direct access to the rollers and requires no tools to remove.
13″ Capacity: The large 13″ throat allows the machine to laminate a wide array of pouch sizes.
6 Memory Settings: Preset settings ensure you have the correct temperature and speed for different pouch thickness.


he Akiles ProLam Ultra possesses superior quality and functionality combined with commercial grade design. Its 6 Roller Heat System produces professional, crystal-clear and bubble-free pouches every time.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 8 in


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