Fujipla LPE6510 / 25″ Roller Laminator


  • The FujiPla 25″ Easy-To-Use School Laminator is ideally suited for use in a school or office environment. The 25″ Easy-To-Use Laminator runs at 3 feet per minute and features adjustable heat settings from 194 to 300 degrees, making it an ideal system for virtually any School laminating Film. The FujiPla 25″ Easy-To-Use School Laminator has a fast warm up time of only 5 minutes limiting wait time. Plus, the rollers can be gapped, eliminating flat spots in the rollers and making loading the machine easier. The Easy-To-Use laminator is covered with a one year warranty.


  • 25” wide
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Fixed speed
  • Reverse switch to easily clear wraps and jams
  • Rapid warm-up
  • Gapable roller pressure


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