We have had several customers call us saying they experienced loading issues of our site while using Internet Explorer. After some time researching this, we discovered several fixes for this. If you also have problems, please try one of these solutions:

1) Instead of Internet Explorer, can you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Different browsers work differently.

2) Download an update for I.E. Currently they are up to version 10. In the toolbar you can click on HELP and ABOUT to see what version you are using. Version 8 gives us problems.

3) The last is to go to the tool bar and click TOOLS/ INTERNET OPTIONS / SECURITY/ INTERNET / CUSTOM LEVEL / Miscellaneous (you will have to scroll down a ways to find this) then click on Display Mixed Content and hit the ENABLE button. Click ok and back out. You’re done.

Close the browser and open it again and now try loading our page. This should work just fine. Let me know if there are additional problems @ 800-227-9606
Thank you!
MaryAnn Dalessi