The 2012 Graph Expo began yesterday in downtown Chicago. As this blog has previously mentioned, the event is a golden opportunity for professionals in a multitude of areas within the printing industry to gather together for a chance to learn more about the sector.

The newest technologies will be showcased and there will be a plethora of seminars and chances for companies to learn how to improve their business marketing. According to a Graph Expo press release, there are 48 co-located events, conferences, user-group meetings and galas taking place in tandem with the Chicago showcase.

Even if a business or organization has already equipped themselves with the latest technology for printing needs, there is always room for improvement. Using laminating machines, for example, can give posters and pictures an extra level of professionalism. It will also help documents withstand multiple handlings or even being sent through the mail.

Printed materials benefit award-winning movie

When a company has the necessary education, it can have a lasting impact on society with its printing business. For example, Color FX – a family-owned and operated Southern Californian printing company – donated material that was used in the film, “My Uncle Rafael.”

According to a company press release, Color FX is best known for its wholesale commercial printing services.

The document finishing process is just as crucial as the actual printed product. If a company isn’t designing images for a movie, but wants to reach out to customers, they can use a direct mailing campaign. These have been proven to be extremely effective, even in an increasingly digital age.

With that knowledge, a business can invest in paper folding machines, which will create a uniform item every time. The professional appearance is important to show customers that a company cares about its impact on the public.