While some individuals may think of “snail mail” – when people took the time to write letters as a form of correspondence – as more of a favored pastime, there are several companies who would beg to differ. When it comes to staying innovative in an increasingly digital age, direct mail systems are still an effective form of marketing and communication.

Japs-Olson Co., a leading commercial printing and direct mail production organization in the U.S. recently expanded its direct mail commingling and mail tracking capabilities, according to a company press release.

“Our expanded postal optimization program will enable more clients to enjoy greater postal savings with greater saturation, enhanced speed-to-market and in-home delivery,” Japs-Olson’s CEO Mike Beddor said in the release. “We continue to improve our systems in order to track client mail through the postal system to the point of delivery.”

Other organizations that want to reach out to customers with a physical product would be wise to invest in equipment like paper folding machines or laminating equipment. That way, the pieces of mail will have a uniform design and will be protected against the elements.

Expanded storefronts keep companies at the top of the game

Instead of completely abandoning a physical print mindset, companies in the printing industry will highly benefit from integrating new systems with the old.

For example, in the October issue of Wide-Format Imaging Magazine, an article discussed how a business can increase its productivity by using a digital storefront. This system will create a scalable, Web-to-print eCommerce platform that can be deployed on-site or from the cloud. It can capture more print work, reduce the number of touch points per job and achieve a higher return on investment.

A combination of multiple technologies will be an ideal way for businesses to reach out to customers and keep their daily operations running smoothly.