This blog continuously underlines the importance of companies finding ways to stay innovative in an increasingly competitive business world. Whether it’s direct marketing campaigns investing in laminating machines for mailing pamphlets or companies using custom presentation binders to stay organized, going the extra mile is key.

Another way to move business forward is to create well-planned partnerships. These often provide both parties with an opportunity to voice their opinions and ensure that their ideas can be brought to life.

For example, actor and musician Johnny Depp has partnered with Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, to launch Infinitum Nihil. According to a HarperCollins press release, Depp wants to publish works that reflect his diverse interests and passions.

Infinitum Nihil will generate authors’ works that are authentic, outspoken and visionary. One example, set for release in January 2013, is folk singer Woody Guthrie’s novel, “House of Earth.” The manuscript has been on the backburner for decades, but Guthrie’s tale of private citizens contending with banks and corporate interests will be brought to life with help from his daughter and The Woody Guthrie Foundation.

Depp and author Douglas Brinkley, wrote an essay that will introduce the novel.

“I pledge, on behalf of Infinitum Nihil, that we will do our best to deliver publications worthy of peoples’ time, of peoples’ concern,” Depp said in the press release. “Publications that might ordinarily never have breached the parapet. For this dream realized, we would like to salute HarperCollins for their faith in us and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together.”

Depp has proven that not only are partnerships sometimes the ideal solution in the business world, but that there is still an audience for printed material.