This blog often underlines the importance of businesses taking extra steps to offer innovative and creative products to customers.

The October issue of Quick Printing Magazine had an article about AlphaGraphics and its unique approach to garnering customer’s attention and keep sales positive.

An example of this can be seen with franchise owner Larry Furlong who holds special parties – or networking events – in his Arizona-based business and dons an Elvis Presley costume to draw in new consumers and ensure that the current ones want to stay.

Furlong explained to the news source that the main goal of these events is to prove to local businesses that AlphaGraphics is not your stereotypical “mom and pop” shop, and that it can meet all marketing communications and printing needs.

“The guests take their goodies home, whether they are vinyl banners or t-shirts with their names on it, and they are left with a tangible item that reminds them of all our products and services,” Furlong said in the article. “It sends the message to businesses in our community that AlphaGraphics can do it all.”

Protect color with quality lamination equipment

Another company took a slightly different tactic in making sure that it stood out from the crowd in the printing business. Anderson/LA is a member of the Consolidated Graphics company and has a reputation for high quality color reproduction, according to Quick Printing Magazine.

The business has added digital print, mailing and fulfillment services, signs, window graphics and even vehicle wraps to its repertoire. The source reported that consistency and quality of color are major aspects to Anderson/LA’s relationship with clients.

When this much care goes into creating an image, it’s important that the finishing process involve just as much time and dedication. Investing in laminating machines will ensure that any poster or piece of direct mail is protected and made to withstand multiple handlings.