This blog recently mentioned the 2012 Graph Expo, during which demonstrations and seminars will detail how companies can further their business through printing and graphics. Set to take place in Chicago, there are several new pieces of technology designed for innovation and guaranteed to aid organizations in production.

Xerox will unveil new advancements in its FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection, which will help printers stay competitive, according to a company press release.

Specifically, certain workflow upgrades will ensure that a printing job is ticketed only once and that programming is maintained throughout the entire production cycle – no matter what devices are being used. This will save time, money and decrease the need for additional operators.

Also, XMPie, the leading provider of software solutions for Individualized Communications Management (ICM), will debut PersonalEffect 6 at Graph Expo. This software will give designers more options while working in Adobe InDesign, according to a company release. Additionally, email services will be improved, making it quicker and easier to create email projects.

“A campaign with 100,000 recipients that used to take approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete, now only takes about an hour,” Genna Trombley, account coordinator at DXM Marketing Group, said in the release. “Plus, the improved email performance allows us to hit inboxes simultaneously, which has helped us achieve more accurate delivery timing and healthier results.”

With time and money being saved on the creative process, businesses can take advantage and devote an appropriate amount of energy into the finishing aspect of printing. For example, quality laminating machines will give printed photos or posters a professional after effect. Furthermore, using coil or spiral binding devices can hold documents together in an organized fashion, designed to last longer than the traditional paper clip.