This blog has previously mentioned how, rather than fade into obscurity, direct mail is adapting with changing technologies. The postal system has seen companies go digital, and start to integrate that into what they send out to customers.

As such, it’s also increasingly important for businesses to ensure that the product they are sending out is not only professional in appearance, but is protected to withstand being sent through the mail. Quality laminating equipment and extra lamination sheets will further allow a company to send mail, along with the digital piece to their item.

In the most recent issue of Quick Printing Magazine, the company Digital Dog Direct was highlighted. The New Jersey-based business is just one example of an organization taking advantage of digital mail.

“On one side will be the name and address and offer, and the other has the variability subtly imbedded,” Ken Maisel, company president explained to the source. “Digital direct mail is really about keeping in touch with customers in a personal, personalized, and very customized way.”

For example, the mailings are used when an alma-mater or organization is reaching out to individuals who have donated in the past or to possible new contributors. If a donor has sent $500 in the past, it would not make sense to start donation options at $25 or $50, according to Maisel. In that case, digital would make sense.

Graph Expo keeps newspapers going strong

Another form of print that has found a way to withstand through the digital age is newspapers. The 2012 Graph Expo held a 9,000 square foot Newspaper Pavilion, which displayed equipment, products and services designed to keep newspaper printers and publishers on the cutting edge.

As reported by Quick Printing Magazine, the Pavillion will highlight areas including workflow management tools – such as integration with web-based approaches, creative direct mail programs and digital asset management.