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Printed materials are heavily relied on in schools, as these documents are critical in the development of strong educational systems and well-taught students. In a 2010 analysis published by Learning Point Associates, it was revealed that students in communities that provided access to interesting printed materials – whether it be books, copies of literature or other learning documents – enjoyed positive benefits compared to those who lacked access to these materials.

How can your school take advantage of the benefits offered by printed learning materials? With an investment in school laminators, reliable binding equipment and paper folding machines provided by a leading distributor, your school system can take advantage of these useful items.

Based in Spokane, Washington, for more than two decades, Presentation Solutions is the partner school systems need to secure the most effective and cost-effective binding machines and supplies. We work with a large number of manufacturers and distributors and enjoy a partnership with the General Binding Corporation (GBC) – the world’s largest supplier of branded office products.

As a result, schools and educational systems that turn to Presentation Solutions benefit from our access to the industry’s leading binding machines and supplies. Discover today how Presentation Solutions can help your school create worthwhile printed materials, booklets and documents for your classrooms.

Bind presentations, booklets and instructional manuals for use in schools

At Presentation Solutions, we offer efficient school laminators, thermal binding supplies and coil binding equipment to help schools design and create colorful, attractive and engaging printed classroom materials – all at a cost that is affordable and manageable for most of today’s budget-conscious school systems.

For example, the effective Automatic ALM3220 Roll Laminator improves productivity by feeding, cutting, trimming and stacking laminated documents by itself with no supervision. With just a five-minute load time and an energy footprint equal to one coffee maker, this school laminator is a cost-effective option for any school.

In addition, the Pro-Bind 1000 Thermal Binder is a lightweight, portable, energy efficient device that can bind soft covers up to 3/4 of an inch in spine thickness. That makes it the perfect device for schools that require a simple but effective heat binder to create handy soft-cover booklets and packets.

Create attractive school yearbooks with our leading binding supplies

Yearbooks are a beloved momento for students around the world, so it is important that schools create a pleasing and well-designed book that will hold up well for repeat reads and enduring wear and tear. For effective yearbook binding, schools can rely on the durable Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binder from Presentation Solutions. This heavy duty heat binder is ideal for hard cover publications, and can help schools create yearbooks that last as long as the memories chronicled within.

At Presentation Solutions, we also offer a variety of covers that could make ideal wrappings for yearbook covers. Pick from our selection of covers and backs, and then secure the binding equipment and supplies needed to design and create a memorable yearbook.

Why Presentation Solutions is a first choice for binding supplies

Here at Presentation Solutions, we are focused on delivering quality service, backed by integrity, trust and a commitment to getting it right the first time. Our customers are not limited to what is offered on our website, as our flexibility allows us to secure just about any binding supply our clients might need.

Our knowledgeable staff can answer your binding questions today. Contact us and learn how we can help your school or business create more effective and engaging printed materials with the industry’s leading binding equipment and supplies.

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