While some individuals claim that their best ideas come to them while in the shower, Jordan Silverman had his epiphany moment while occupying a different bathroom appliance – while reading his smartphone. What if advertisers printed coupons and announcements on toilet paper?

From there, Jordan partnered with his younger brother, Bryan, to create Star Toilet Paper. The two-ply TP is printed with a soybean-based ink, and readers get coupons by using their phones to either read printed codes on the paper or by visiting the company’s website.

Bryan, 18, is a rising sophomore at Duke University, and is one of five finalists in Entrepreneur Magazine‚Äôs College Entrepreneur of 2012 competition. His older brother is 22, a recent graduate from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, which is why the two aren’t both in the final running.

“My brother and myself are both extremely passionate about this,” Bryan Silverman said to The Journal News. “He’s taking it on full time, and I’m going to be working on it as much as I can when I’m at school.”

According to the news source, the Silverman brothers have secured about 50 advertisers, which pay $99 for 20,000 advertisements that appear on approximately 160 rolls. Any establishment that wants to carry the toilet paper will receive it for free.

Continuously underlined in this blog is the necessity of standing out from the competition, and ensuring that a product is presented in an original way. For those businesses not looking to use toilet paper, investing in a laminating machine will allow the company to create a professional looking advertisement that can handle being sent through the mail or passed out in bulk.

Or, if booklets need to be created, binding supplies will let an organization gather papers together in an organized fashion, which can show customers that the company is striving to put its best foot forward.