In order to stay competitive in the business world, companies need to find new and innovative ways to push their products forward. One organization was able to do this by taking a seemingly outdated medium – paper – and combining it with a common storage device.

The company intelliPaper designed an ordinary strip of paper that works as a fully functional USB drive. Electronic components are layered into a regular sheet of paper with USB contact points exposed. After it is ripped from the full sheet of paper and folded in half, the device can fit into any USB port. Users can access files, just like a generic flash drive.

According to the online blog GizMag, the embedded chip can hold 8 to 32 MB of data. Developers have used the technology in mail-out flyers, promotional brochures and business cards.

“Tourists could send out postcards with vacation photos uploaded onto them, couples could send wedding invites with a digital version attached and schools and businesses could hand out multiple pages of documents uploaded to a single sheet of paper,” the article said.

However, the new innovation does require a special reader and some software to avoid damaging it. This is given to customers by intelliPaper, and is necessary to upload data onto a fresh card.

Whether or not a company wants to integrate paper USB drives into its daily operations, there are still many innovative ways to use physical products. Direct mail services continue to be highly successful in reaching out to customers. Using laminating machines can protect photos and documents, ensuring that they withstand multiple handlings.

Additionally, paper folding machines and tabletop cutters can help create uniform folds and cuts, which will demonstrate to customers that a company cares about its image. With professional equipment, businesses can ensure that they are able to keep pace with the competition.