In an increasingly digital world, companies and organizations of all kinds need to find new and innovative ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors. While some offer applications for smart phones or tablets, oftentimes, experts say a physical product can be just as memorable – if not more so.

Chief revenue officer Lisa Rodwell of the website MOO – an award-winning online printing company – spoke with Forbes about how she was able to move to a much smaller business from Yahoo, and still find a way to be successful. According to Rodwell, the importance of something as simple as a business card can often be the make or break aspect to an organization moving forward.

“Having a physical representation of your brand is critical when these moments can occur so quickly and be so fleeting,” Rodwell told the news source. “The business card is much more than just a way to exchange your contact details (an email is good for that), it’s your professional identity.”

Rodwell added the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, which holds true for business cards. A physical business card can be just the right kickstart to a conversation that can lead to a job.

In order to keep documents, images or any type of paper products well-protected, businesses should use quality lamination equipment. This will give the items a professional appearance. With business cards especially, this crucial step in finishing will allow a company to stand out amongst its competitors.

Furthermore, organization is also crucial. Custom presentation binders offer companies an opportunity to make presentations all the more polished. Important papers and documents can be kept safe and held together until a business is ready to bring it into the public eye.