Hurricane Sandy devastated numerous residents and businesses along the East Coast. However long it might have taken, the cleanup process was successful for many companies, including those on Long Beach Island (LBI) in New Jersey. Others though were unsure that customers would return in full force by the summer, so one couple decided to let consumers know that the area was back in business.

Ann and Jon Coen, a photographer and freelance writer, respectively, began to create postcards of LBI designed to showcase the beaches, restaurants and rental homes. The Coens explained to The SandPaper, a New Jersey-based online news source, that they designed 11 postcards with Ann’s images and Jon’s words. Thousands of cards will be sent out through real estate agents, Island residents and local schoolchildren to people who can’t see firsthand the progress that’s been made.

Jon added that this is a critical time for companies that rely heavily on one three month period for much of their income. While LBI’s region was hit hard, it wasn’t as damaged as other areas and businesses have been working at double speed to have everything ready for the summer, he said.

“This postcard idea is very 1953, so we hope it will get noticed,” Coen said. “Everything today is digital, so something that looks good and you can hold in your hand is unique. And as a destination, LBI is a very traditional place.”

Add the finishing touches to direct mail campaigns

The same way that the Coens are reaching out to customers, businesses can benefit from direct mail campaigns. To ensure that postcards or other pieces of paper withstand the mail system, using laminating sheets to cover photos and documents is well-advised. Not only will pouch or roll laminators provide durability, but it adds an extra layer of professionalism.