Technology may be moving forward in full force, but recent advertising campaigns have proven that so-called “old fashioned” forms of publicity are still needed and will find ways of being successful.

The National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) just signed a two-year contract with, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, according to a company press release. While different programs will vary, Directmail will be responsible for daily, weekly and monthly mail drops. According to the release, it is estimated that nearly 5 million pieces will be mailed in the coming year.

Kirk Swain, principal of said that renewal mailings are a critical form of communication for the NWF and that direct mail reaches members in a timely fashion and has all necessary materials required for renewal.

“Similarly, acknowledging individuals’ generosity is more than just common courtesy,” Swain said. “When thank-you letters are prompt and accurately capture both the gift given and its intended use, they lay the foundation for future giving.”

Then there was Alcone Marketing designing five panels of wrap to cover Willy Wonka’s ice cream truck for its travels through northern California and Reno, Nevada.

Clint Ehlers, owner of FASTSIGNS of Culver City, teamed up with Alcone and Event Connections to create the unique designs that were placed around the traveling vehicle. Ehlers said that his company loved wrapping the truck, as it was such a unique and visually interesting project.

Technology might be one aspect driving businesses forward, continuing to stay unique and able to cater to customer needs is even more vital. As consumers desire individuality in their products it will be important to keep those items protected.

For individuals who want to create a marketing campaign like the NWF, complete with postcards and other mailings, quality lamination equipment is a good investment, to ensure that the documents are able to stay intact through being handled by multiple people.