How do I choose a binding style for my presentation needs?
There are several factors to consider when choosing a binding style. Determining your document requirements is the first step. Therefore, we recommend answering the following questions to help you determine the best finishing solution.

1. What is the document application?
2. How will the document be used? Who will be using it?
3. Is editing the document important and/or frequent?
4. What are your most common document sizes?
5. How important is the image or appearance of the document?

What are the elements of a well-finished presentation?
A good presentation package consists of the following elements:
1. An attractive cover to capture your reader’s attention to the content
2. A functional binding style for ease of use
3. Organization – index tabs are recommended to separate topics or sections
4. A consistent look to supporting elements of the presentation

What customization options are available to enhance my document finishing?
PS offers the most comprehensive range of convenient and affordable custom services. Choose from custom printing options such as silkscreen, offset, embossing, debossing and foil stamping. Dress up the entire presentation with color-coordinated binders, dividers, index tabs, and pocket folders all printed with your company logo.

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If I am using desktop publishing software for my presentation cover how can I enhance the finished look?
GBC transparent covers are perfect for showcasing your desktop publishing. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, transparent covers can be custom imprinted to enhance your design and protect your presentation.

How can I get help me with my next meeting or presentation beyond the bound proposal?
From pocket folders through multimedia CD-ROMs and DVD’s, we can design, produce, fulfill and distribute your information. From start to finish we are your complete source.

I would like to package information for a sales meeting in a 3-ring binder with my company’s artwork on it. Can this be done on short notice?
We offer Clear View 3-ring binders, so you can slip a color printed page in the front, spine and back (via desk top publishing) and print your own tabs. Voila!

How do I know what binding element size to order for my presentation?
PS provides recommended sheet capacity ranges for each binding style during on-line ordering. The capacities are based on 20lb. bond paper. Thicker paper stocks, binding covers and index tabs should also be considered when selecting your binding element size. If your document sheet capacity is close to the high end of the recommended range, GBC would suggest ordering the next larger size.

How do I know what binding cover size to order for my presentation?
GBC recommends oversized covers (11 1/4″ X 8 3/4″) if you are using Plastic Comb binding. Oversized covers have two rounded corners and are ¼” larger than the document to protect it from fraying edges and tearing. For Coil, Wire Twin Loop and VeloBind®, binding styles, GBC recommends using “flush-cut covers”. Flush-cut covers are 11″ X 8 ½” and have four square corners.

How do I contact a Document Finishing specialist?
Please call 1-800-227-9606 for the name of your Document Finishing sales specialist.

Can I trade-in my current binding equipment if I am considering buying equipment?
Yes, PS accepts trade-ins of many pieces of equipment. Please contact your local Document Finishing specialist for information on our trade-in offers.

What is the difference between Velobind® and SureBindTM?
The end result of the finished documents is identical; however, there are subtle differences in the strip and its functionality. SureBind strips have 10 prongs; VeloBind strips have 11 prongs. The SureBind prongs are slightly offset, making it compatible with the GBC Plastic Binding system. Therefore, if you have a document punched with 19 rectangular holes, you can bind it with a SureBind strip for a different look. VeloBind strips are evenly spaced and are not compatible with any other style binding.