When companies invest in professional finishing equipment, it’s crucial that they devote the right amount of time to fully take advantage of that investment. Using quality laminating equipment can help businesses add durability to booklets and pamphlets that must be sent through the mail to customers. Additionally, devices that use coil binding supplies can hold pages together more securely than a staple.

An article in the January issue of Wide-Format Imaging magazine discussed the importance of the finishing process, and how it’s not enough for organizations to simply buy the equipment. Company owners need to ensure that the devices are being used properly, so a business can fully reap the benefits.

According to Jerry Hill, vice president of new market business development for Drytec Corporation, finishing is the “worst place to mess up.” Specifically, if a company incorrectly performs the finishing, they lose three times. First, the loss of the job. The second is having to redo the job and the third loss is the opportunity cost on the next one that could have been completed while it was redoing the first assignment.

“Unless you have that finishing done correctly, you have to throw it out and start over,” Hill told the source. “If done poorly, the customer’s perception of your quality is negative. So my suggestion is don’t make finishing an after thought. Don’t think of it as a necessary evil. Think of it as a profit center.”

Hill added that education is crucial. Many companies will ensure that all employees understand the uses of a printer, but might not take the same care with laminating machines. Most finishing equipment offers multiple uses, he said, and it’s important for companies to know all jobs that it can complete. That way, customers and a business can get back as much as possible.