Neenah Paper has created a website designed to celebrate the ancient art form of engraving. Included in The Beauty of Engraving website will be a history of the practice, tips for designers and even limited-edition engraved samples.

According to a company press release, engravers from around the world will be able to submit their work. Each month, a new engraver and designer will be chosen to be featured artists. A designer will be paired with an engraver, and after the latter completes his or work, the former will create the limited-edition prints. Selected site visitors will be given a free copy of the original pieces of work.

As engraving is an art form truly grasped by watching it take place, the website will also include videos of individuals carving out the designs. Viewers will also be directed toward the techniques and tools that are most successful for engraving.

Tom Wright, senior director of advertising and design for Neenah Paper, said in a company press release that it was exciting to have a way to connect an age-old printing technique to a new generation of designers and print specifiers.

“We want to remind people that engraving has a rich history and an exciting future ready to be discovered again,” Wright said. “It’s the ultimate way to distinguish a brand on paper or communicate your most important invitations and announcements.”

Once a uniquely printed page or advertisement has been created, customers will likely want a way to preserve it and ensure that it can handle being sent through the mail or handed out at an event. As such, it would be wise for businesses to invest in lamination equipment  and ensure that there are plenty of laminating sheets on hand.