While a popular Christmas gift this year is likely to be the newest tablet or e-reader, many companies are still finding that customers appreciate reading physical copies of books and magazines. This blog has previously discussed the positive impact that direct mail campaigns can have, and how businesses can benefit from that way of contacting consumers.

As such, investing in quality lamination equipment is a necessary step. That way, documents or photos can be given sufficient protection to handle the mailing process. Additionally, table top cutters will ensure that the pages are cut in a uniform fashion, giving customers professional products.

Another crucial aspect, though, is to put forth more options for customers. When businesses are able to find a happy medium for contacting consumers, that is when they will be most successful in today’s digital age. That is exactly what The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) did by partnering with The Sheridan Group.

The two companies will develop an e-commerce solution so the ACCP can sell both electronic and print books directly to consumers in time for its annual conference, CHEST, according to a Sheridan press release.

Nikki Augustyn, director of publications for ACCP, said in the release that, while many of the organization’s other products are evolving into a digital format, surveyed past users of the coding book show a different direction.

“The results showed that we needed to cater to a variety of different needs, and Sheridan’s Electronic Content Services allows us to do just that, putting the choice in the hands of our audience,” Augustyn said. “Users can choose to order a print book, an electronic version, or both, while we at the ACCP will gain further insight into the ever-evolving needs and preferences of our members.”