Continuously underlined in this blog is the fact that even in an increasingly digital world, there is still a need and desire for physical, paper products. The same fact holds true for both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this year, as Bloomberg inked a deal to publish a daily magazine at each one.

Titled the ‘Bloomberg Insider,’ the magazine will “expand on daily convention coverage, providing a forward look at the 2012 U.S. elections while focusing on the important business and economic issues that define the candidates and their parties,” according to a company press release.

Tim Franklin, a Bloomberg News managing editor, who will also serve as editor for Bloomberg Insider, said the magazine will feature news and information combined from all of the company’s platforms, and will include exclusive data and analytics.

“Readers will benefit from the comprehensive and objective reporting they have come to expect from Bloomberg,” Franklin said in the release.

The news company said that 15,000 copies will be distributed daily, not just at each convention, but also in Washington D.C., so that individuals including political executives and media covering the 2012 elections can receive a magazine.

When businesses and organizations want to distribute physical material to a large audience, such as the National Conventions, it would be beneficial to invest in proper binding equipment and supplies, in order to produce a polished and professional looking product. In addition, the right machines can decrease the amount of physical labor needed, allowing workers a greater ability to multitask.

For daily distribution, productivity is essential, but it is also important to create an original and crisp item. Cover pages, or even single-sheet distributions can benefit from going through a laminating machine to keep an executive appearance.