In an increasingly digital age, printing and publishing companies must find new and innovative ways to create unique designs. To ensure that customers are continuously drawn to physical product, and want to involve it in to their daily operations, investing in the right tools can do wonders for any organization.

Ricoh Americas Corp. announced in a company press release that its Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts + and Ricoh Pro C901s Graphic Arts + are now available. These are the latest designs in Ricoh’s digital color production system and the organization stated that both will continue to help companies remain competitive in an ever-evolving print market.

Tim Vellek, vice president of the Production Printing Business Group for Ricoh, said in the press release that the new machine is ideal for high-volume production print markets. He added that it’s a good solution to ensure maximum power and productivity.

“As Ricoh continues to move forward with a services-led approach, the systems are also a great example of how our hardware and solutions are combining to help customers leverage the wealth of knowledge and information that already exists in their organizations to take their business into the future,” he said.

When printing companies invest in the right tools to create professional images, it is well-advised that they take the necessary steps to ensure the pages stay protected. For example, customers that are designing documents for a presentation might also require custom binders or printed tabs to keep their work organized and polished. These items should also be made available to consumers.

Or, companies that are trying to draw in new business through direct mail campaigns could also benefit from paper folding machines. This ensures that pamphlets have a uniform fold and an overall professional appearance.