When companies need to make presentations or want to distribute pamphlets to a large audience, they want to ensure that their product is remembered. Pieces of paper that are simply attached with a paper clip or staple can easily be forgotten, and the documents can become detached from one another.

However, with quality binding equipment and supplies, the pages will have a professional appearance and will stay together. This will allow the gathered papers to stand multiple handlings and prove to customers that an organization wants to put its best foot forward. That is a crucial aspect to staying competitive in today’s business world.

Finch Paper is one company that is taking note of that fact, and is making strides to keep its business ahead. The paper company announced in a press release that it’s introducing FIT (Fluid + Ink + Toner) Color Management and Workflow Services. This will leverage the company’s technical knowledge surrounding color-managed workflows and ICC color profiles across printing platforms.

Additionally, Finch aims to have consistent, predictable color results for its products. With on-site consultations as well, adjusting color settings and workflow, which will “hit the color mark” and lower the cost of print.

“For more than a century, Finch has been known for one thing – making paper,” Finch director of Digital Sales Sheldon Spicer said in the press release. “FIT is another example that Finch is thinking beyond paper, with innovative ideas, customized products and value-added service solutions.”

This blog has continuously underlined the importance of creative and innovative ideas pushing companies forward. In addition to ensuring that the prints on a paper are top-notch, it’s important to take the necessary steps to create a well-made finished product. Using laminating equipment or even coil binding supplies will put documents and images at the forefront of physical items.