Continuously underlined in this blog is how, even in today’s increasingly digital world, there is still a place for printing companies, as organizations as well as individuals desire to have physical product.

According to a recent study, where 3,300 representatives from printing manufacturers were interviewed, over half of the respondents feel that the economy will at least remain stable while 27 percent believe it is improving.

InnerWorkings Inc. conducted its first-ever business and economic outlook study, looking to reveal the perception that American printing companies have on the economy and its opportunity for growth.

Results showed that a staggering 82 percent of the leading manufacturers are confident enough and plan to keep their payrolls stable while 47 percent expect their own sales to increase.

“Print manufacturing is a massive industry, generating annual revenue of more than $144 billion in the U.S. alone,” John Eisel, COO for InnerWorkings, said in a company press release. “It is an industry that remains highly relevant in today’s business landscape, and our goal in commissioning this study is to keep our finger on the pulse of this often overlooked, yet important sector of the economy.”

For customers who are still using printing for their businesses, manufacturers who are able to offer them quality thermal or coil binding supplies could gain more profit and a stronger reputation in their industry. With these products, individuals will be able to hold together papers or booklets in a manner much more professional than a simple paper clip or staple.

Furthermore, custom presentation binders are key to any organization that needs a polished way to organize and highlight anything from speeches to business plans. It allows consumers the means to keep their printed product looking fresh and original.