With technology ever-evolving, it’s no surprise that numerous companies have to make adjustments in their plans of operation. In order to properly meet customer needs, it’s important to find new and interesting ways of reaching out, ensuring that consumers are up-to-date on everything an organization has to offer.

Time Warner Cable was no different, as it lost many subscribers over the last few years to satellite and telecommunications competitors. However,   the company   has plans to launch a new marketing campaign called “The Better Guarantee” in an effort to win back customers. According to The New York Times, the idea is worth $50 million and will combine broadcast, print, online and direct mail ads.

Jeffrey Hirsch, the chief marketing officer for residential services at Time Warner Cable, told The Times that his company is fundamentally different and better than it was a few years ago when upstart companies – Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse – were appearing. He added that some new Time Warner ads specifically challenge Verizon on promised monthly savings that have not panned out.

“That promise of new isn’t such a great promise, and people are starting to come back to Time Warner Cable,” Hirsch said. “So we decided it’s time to put some muscle behind the idea.”

The ads will highlight specific changes that the cable company has made, such as smartphone apps, on-demand TV options and narrower windows of time for home service calls.

Businesses like Time Warner, that want to include a strong direct mail and print marketing aspect to their advertising campaigns, would be wise to invest in professional lamination equipment. Along with paper folding machines, these devices can create uniform folds while providing a durable product.

These tools can help spread an organization’s message and show customers that it values quality.