Going Green? Here’s an Easy-Lam Green Roll Laminator

Banner American Products, Inc. has launched a new cheap jerseys Easy-Lam in green roll laminator. The nfl new laminator was specifically engineered to provide energy savings for a variety of businesses and organizations seeking both economic and eco friendly solutions to its energy use. Since laminating film is not what you would call biodegradable, how nice of them to at least design this model to save on energy.

The Easy-Lam green roll cheap jerseys laminator is able to cut energy usage in two important ways. It features a standby mode that brings the thermostat down from a laminating temperature of 300˚F to 150˚F while the machine is not being used resulting in an energy savings over 50 %! Getting cheap the machine back to a laminating temperature of 300˚F wholesale mlb jerseys is accomplished within seven minutes. This is fantastic. It even comes in green, how clever. Now we’re talking style in your lamination department.

Another feature from is a one-hour automatic shutoff of the machine resulting in further energy savings when the machine is not in use.

The Easy-Lam green roll laminator uses film up to 27 inches wide and has a speed of 4.5 feet per minute. Other important features include a built-in LCD readout, adjustable supply roll tension, attached safety shield, Teflon coated heat shoes, reverse capability and heavy-duty DC motor.

The Easy-Lam green laminator is built in the U.S.A. and is one of many new eco friendly products prepared for launch.