While the summer months are an ideal time to take a vacation, some managers and business leaders might find it a more difficult task than originally thought. Detaching from one’s staff is at times a process that can take months of proper preparation from both bosses and their employees.

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, head of a California-based college admissions consulting firm, told the New York Times that she often preps her employees one to two months in advance of her leaving for a vacation. Shaevitz said she goes over detailed instructions of how to handle everything from client phone calls and emails to step-by-step guides of how to solve problems should any arise.

“If your staff is very prepared and organized, you can prevent big problems from happening, and you can enjoy your vacation,” Shaevitz said.

Another important aspect of vacation planning is notifying clients of your absence. The key is to let them know that the same level of work will be done while you are gone, said Dr. Debra Condren, psychologist and founder of an executive coaching firm. Let clients know who will be handling what tasks and that in an emergency, clients can still contact you, she said.

Preparing custom presentation binders can be highly beneficial for employers who are trying to plan vacations and prepare their workers at the same time. For example, by investing in quality folders with custom tabs, a manager can highlight different client needs that employees need to be aware of.

Organization will be key for company leaders as they prepare staff for their departure, even if it’s just for one week. Custom presentation binders will keep all information neatly put together in a way that a recently-trained individual can follow along and keep productivity moving forward, even in the CEO’s absence.