In the printing industry, it’s increasingly important to make the proper investments in order to ensure that a quality product is produced every time for every customer. Whether it’s using a laminating machine to protect direct mailings or a commercial paper shredder to safely dispose of sensitive materials, the right care must be taken.

Quad/Graphics Inc. plans to do just that with its recent $900-million-plus agreement with Time Inc. While the two companies already worked together – with Quad/Graphics handling the magazine print work for the publisher – this new deal will let the printer handle more than 85 percent of the print work for 19 titles.

“We are pleased to be growing our business relationship with Time Inc., and capitalizing on our leading nationwide magazine platform to print more titles and more volume in more places,” Joel Quadracci, chairman, president and CEO of Quad/Graphics said in a company press release.

Quadracci added that under the new agreement, his company will make sure to continue delivering a quality product, which Time has come to expect from Quad/Graphics.

Over the term of the agreement – set to take effect in January 2014 – there will be a 35-percent increase in incremental Time Inc. print volume for the printer.

While more responsibilities is a crucial opportunity for businesses to prove themselves, there are other options to ensure that a company name be associated with success.

For example, Florida-based Incepture Print Solutions recently invested in new Pitney Bowes printers. According to a Pitney Bowes press release, the move will allow Incepture to produce high-quality health insurance communications.

While companies will vary on their ways of staying innovative, the key factor is that they take the necessary measures to evolve with changing technologies in order to stay successful.